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Data Dave - Saving you time and money at any level of data management

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

DNAY Enterprise -

This video highlights the benefits of employing me to help you save time and money on your data developments.

I can provide support all the way from identifying ways to make your day-to-day Excel use more productive, to helping you develop in-house solutions using readily available Microsoft applications, to helping you define your needs to reduce the excess cost of development and on-going support.

You've nothing to lose from getting in touch if you're looking for someone to:

* Sort out a spreadsheet

* Help you analyse and visualise your data

* Help you cleanse your data and review your processes to enable robust, repeatable, and meaningful outputs

* Help you model a solution to save you thousands in development and on-going maintenance costs

* Coach your staff to improve their knowledge and consistency

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