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Could I help you with your data?

Have a read and if you think I could, contact me for a chat!

**Your First Session is FREE**


Following a successful engineering career where I first learned about Quality Assurance (SPC), encountered my first spreadsheets and wrote my first quality manual to ISO 9001, I tried my hand at sales which didn't work out for me. But it set me up for my first data job as a Sales Analyst.

Around the same time, I went back to college to learn Quality Management and Teaching in Adult Education. I spent seven years lecturing in college and night-school, teaching basic computer skills to advanced Excel and Computers in Quality Assurance for the Chartered Quality Institute. I also spent two years providing Learner Support to students with varying levels of learning difficulty.

In 1998 I joined BT. Fifteen of my 21 years with BT were spent managing data in one form or another. Three years were spent coaching and training.

I was made redundant on 28 February 2021

  • My engineering background taught me structure

  • My sales career taught me goal setting

  • Quality Assurance has taught me process and direction

  • Teaching has given me the skills I need to share what I've learned with you

So, whether your looking for someone to:

  • Sort out a spreadsheet

  • Help you analyse and visualise your data

  • Help you cleanse your data and review your processes to enable robust, repeatable, and meaningful outputs

  • Help you model a solution to save you thousands in development and on-going maintenance costs

  • Coach your staff to improve their knowledge and consistency

It could be me! Contact me now to find out!


Could I help you?

**Your First Session is FREE**

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